My Story.

My professional journey includes working with executive leaders, chief creatives and their teams in these industries: family business, small business, professional services, nonprofits & churches, marketing & branding, communications & technology, aerospace & defense, and publishing.

And those were some big steps to take for a girl raised on a small farm in rural Pennsylvania. I went away to the “big city” for college, fell in love, got married, lived overseas, had two kids, went back to grad school, and landed my almost-dream job at a consulting firm. A few years later, I moved to the West Coast as a trailing spouse, landed a few consulting and storytelling opportunities with some large nonprofits and small businesses, and started a small consulting business of my own. With roots in PA and a lot of life experience in CA, I now call South Bend, Indiana my home.

I get asked all the time if it was hard to transition from life in California to Indiana, and my response is always the same: the warmth of a community rivals the warmth of the sunshine. 100% true. And yet it's also inspiring to work with amazing people and organizations in every time zone across the country, including a few clients around the globe.


It all starts with leaning into complexity by asking the right questions. And then listening.

Although every challenge, both personal and professional, requires a unique approach, I begin with an inherent curiosity into the hearts and minds of my clients. Through empathy, compassion, and trust comes real clarity about the place where they feel stuck. And from there, we launch into courageous discovery, renewed confidence, and sharper focus of what steps need to come next. I am more about the solution and less about the problem.

Usually, the ability to transform is already within you. It just needs a guide to find the path forward.

+ curiosity 0
+ empathy / compassion 0
+ trust 0
= Real Clarity 0