For the past 2+ decades, I've worked with executive leaders, entrepreneurs, chief creatives and their teams across a variety of industries: family & small business, professional services, nonprofits & churches, marketing & branding, communications & technology, aerospace & defense, talent acquisition, and publishing.

Those were big opportunities for a farm girl raised in rural Pennsylvania. I went to college in the “big city” (Philadelphia), fell in love, got married, lived overseas, had two kids, finished grad school, and landed my almost-dream job at a consulting firm. A few years later, I moved to the West Coast as a ``trailing spouse`` where I landed a few consulting and storytelling opportunities with some large nonprofits and small businesses. That's how I started a boutique business of my own. With roots in PA and a lot of life experience in CA, South Bend, Indiana is now home. It's where I live with my husband, Matt, our two sons, and a golden retriever named Champ.

People often ask if it was hard to transition from California to Indiana, and my response is always the same: the warmth of a community rivals the warmth of the sunshine. 100% true.


It all starts with asking the right questions. And then listening.

The ability to transform is already within you—that’s why curiosity + collaboration are key to finding the path forward.

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