Lean into the complex challenges and opportunities you face as an individual, as a team, or as an organization. Find clarity and discover intuitive pathways for moving forward. Consulting is never one-size-fits-all, but it’s always a collaborative experience in solving problems, finding solutions, navigating change, and fulfilling your potential.

Let me know the challenges you, your team or your organization face and, together, we’ll design a pathway forward specific for your success.

Conscious + Collaborative Consulting

Helping leaders and organizations lead their teams well through a particular project or a season. This includes opportunities for Team Development Coaching, Team Meeting or Project Ideation Facilitation.

Team Retreats

Giving leaders a break from always being “on” with intuitive facilitation and creative perspective. Team retreats can be tailored to the needs of your team or your organization.

Leadership Coaching

Helping people be the best versions of themselves as they show up in the world around them. This includes 6-12 months of consistent conversation re: personal and professional development.

Hiring & Onboarding

Helping companies hire the right people based on the strengths required for the job and the best fit for the role. Consultation includes overall organizational fit, job profile, interviewing & assessments, and coaching through the onboarding process.

360 Leadership Experience

Helping leaders uncover blindspots and make necessary changes to keep leading well. This experience is tailored to the leader, includes team participation and lasts 4-6 weeks.

Personal Strengths Inventory

Helping individuals develop their strengths so they can bring their best and adapt to change. Some refer to this as “speed-coaching” and find it helpful during seasons of job change or life transition. This experience is tailored to the individual and lasts 2-4 weeks.

Enneagram Coaching

Helping individuals develop a greater sense of self-awareness and identity using the Enneagram assessment as they work towards better emotional health and professional well-being.

Team Enneagram Workshops and Classes

Helping leaders, teams and organizations develop a greater sense of self-awareness and identity using the Enneagram assessment as they work towards better collaboration and care as a team. Workshops are 4-6 hours, and classes are 7 weeks.


Own your story by inviting curiosity into your narrative, finding clarity in the content, leaning into the complexities and the vulnerability of the writing process, and inspiring courage in the message you have to share with the world.

Let me know the challenges you're facing as an author, as an entrepreneur, or as a creative, and, together, we'll design a pathway forward specific for your project.

Book Proposal Development

Helping authors complete the necessary requirements for book proposal submission.

Collaborative Writing

Helping first-time and seasoned authors write and develop their book manuscripts.


A guided learning experience with intentional questions for meaningful conversation and growth around your topic.

Filming Scripts

Developing your voice and finding a narrative through filming scripts intended for teaching or topic study.

Origin Storytelling

Helping organizations craft their origin story through inquiry, interviewing, synthesizing for a narrative that fuels the mission, vision, values, and messaging.

Project Ideation

An intuitive approach with Socratic-style facilitation to clarify and motivate the ideation stage of a new project or process.