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Remember how we used to play shadow tag as kids? We’d race around at morning recess or down the street after school, jumping on one another’s shadows or running away as fast as we could so we didn’t have to be “it” (remember these days?). We would stand and compare our shadows. And depending on how the

Have you ever experienced a setback in your professional or personal life? Job loss, an unexpected transition, getting passed over for a promotion, a breakup, loss of a friendship, divorce, difficult medical news, unexplained circumstances. What was your response to this setback? Our oldest son, Kal, has a neuro condition called Chiari. For the past 8 years, he’s been told

Think about the people you admire, and the leaders you look up to. What qualities or characteristics make those individuals stand out? Years of personal experience + professional research show that many of the positive qualities or characteristics that make people stand out can be summarized into a few key leadership essentials. The most admired people in our lives

Do you dread your weekly or monthly meetings? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us have sat through meetings we would describe as “a big waste of time.” We leave feeling confused, frustrated, or worse—fatigued. One of my favorite business leaders + author of the best-selling book Death by Meeting—Patrick Lencioni—offers insights on how to make